Safety Instructions

German tube radios from the fifties and early sixties met all requirements concerning electrical safety when they were put on the market. But they don't meet the necessary safety standards of today.
Please note, that after 40 years, there is no product liability by the manufacturer.

That means:
Turning on and operating old radios is done at an individual`s own risk!

Forty to fifty years ago, people were knowledgeable about the risks when operating these radios. The most important instruction was printed on the rear panel:

"Vor Abnehmen der Rueckwand Netzstecker ziehen", which means:
Do not remove the rear panel before un-plugging from the power supply outlet.

Some of the rear panels can be removed without using any tools. Some parts behind the rear panel (like the fuse) are connected with the main household power line, others are on high DC voltage (up to 300 Volts).

Some radios are made to operate on both AC and DC ("Allstrom"). When working with an AC/DC set, extreme caution can`t be stressed enough. This type of radio mostly can be detected by the usage of U-series tubes, like UCHxx, UFxx, ULxx, ...
There is no power supply (mains) transformer, and the chassis is connected to the power line. All the screws connected to the chassis have to be isolated, even the mounting screws of the knobs. Don't operate this type of radio next to a grounded device like kitchen equipment, water pipes, or a place you are not sure that could be grounded.

But there are some additional risks due to the age of some components, like open or shorted capacitors.